Odelphi Environmental, Inc.

From providing due diligence services to financial institutes and devising innovative
solutions to complex environmental issues, such as the removal of MTBE in Southern
California, to restoring contaminated sites Union Project in New Jersey, a solvent tank farm
facility operated for more than 50 years, Odelphi Environmental is a leading edge company
in environmental liability protection and remediation.

Odelphi Environmental, founded in 2005, is a start-up company, but with highly educated
and experienced team of professionals.  Though the company is young, a combined
experience of our staffs is over a century.  With our experiences in solving environmental
problems for federal and state government agencies, financial institutions, private and
institutional investors, and property management groups, it is our mission to provide the
highest quality services in a very cost effective way to our valued clients.  In an era of fast
moving business environment, speedy response to address client's environmental issues
was the key to our successful establishment in the industry.

We treat every project in the same way regardless of the project scale and produce the
same result all the time meeting our client's specific needs.  It is our mission:

  •  to provide solutions in the most timely and economical manner

  •  to provide quality services with a consistency

  •  to provide 'A to Z' services till the solution resolves client's concern

Odelphi Environmental, Inc.
Excellence in Environmental Consulting and Risk Management